A quarter century of successful restorations

Since 1993, we have been proudly serving dental professionals high quality products and excellent customer service. We are determined to provide your practice with a variety of prosthetic options and peace of mind. However what we are most proud of are the strong long-term relationships we keep building throughout the years with our clients and their patients.


Natural Beauty Created

At Styledent, we are committed to creating works of art. You will quickly discover that our consistent quality and close communication are the key elements to a long lasting successful relationship. Styledent’s talented team of experts recreate natural form, color and function with passion. We constantly strive for perfection by following advanced dental hands on courses, given by world leading ceramists around the globe.



Specialty Cases

We have developed efficient and simple work protocols to help ensure better planning for full arch and full mouth rehabilitation cases. Using 3D digital imaging, diagnostic planning as well as milled prototypes the final outcome is controlled and predictable  ensuring total satisfaction for you and your patients.



StyleTek™ Custom Abutments

StyleTek™ custom abutments are personalized titanium-zirconia hybrid abutments manufactured in house. Our abutments provide an optimum emergence profile and combine the strength of titanium with the aesthetics of zirconia. Furthermore, we can anodize the titanium base to give it a golden hue. We also offer titanium or nitrate coated abutments manufactured by Biomet 3i Encode Bellatek and DENTSPLYAtlantis.


Angulated Screw Channel

We have the ability to angulate the screw channel for up to 17 degrees, thanks to our design and milling software. This means that you can still have a  screw-retained restoration even if the implant is placed at an angle. 


Scanners & In House Milling Machines

We own several scanners that use triple camera scanning technology with color texture support, resulting in extremely highly-detailed images.  Our scans can guarantee a new level of precision and accuracy of ±7μm. Our 3- axis arm scanners can hold scan objects in almost any orientation, making it possible to digitize very complex objects.

Our CNC machines have the ability to mill dry as well as wet , all in 5axis. This means that we can mill a variety of materials, as well as shapes and curves of all levels of complexity, with no limits regarding angulation, divergence nor undercuts.

Digital Impressions

Do you own an intraoral scanner? Digital impressions are effective and practical, and offer many benefits to your practice. We are proudly able to receive digital impressions from all systems. You can send your files to Styledent so we can print your models and start working on your case.