Leonardo Da Vinci — 'Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.'

The single central challenge... Everyone is the dental community knows the challenges of the single central... Thank God for our good ceramists, strict protocol and the help of a new tool... :)

To be able to better appreciate the level of difficulty, here is a excerpt from an article published by the honorable @SpearEducation:

"The most difficult indirect restoration to fabricate from an esthetic perspective is the maxillary central incisor. The technician’s objective is to produce only a single restoration that matches the surrounding dentition, but that is not always possible – even for master level ceramists using the most sophisticated techniques and materials.

All aspects of the esthetics can be more critically evaluated (e.g. color, intensity of color, value, translucency, form, surface texture, and surface luster) between central incisors because of their proximity to each other. In contrast, when observing a lateral or a cuspid, the human eyes cannot see the contralateral tooth at the same time. When matching a lateral or cuspid next to another tooth, the esthetic aspects being compared are different.

Dentists should expect that it could take multiple attempts to produce a crown or veneer that meets the esthetic needs of the patient, and not become frustrated by the process. I personally consider the first attempt at producing a single central similar to producing custom shade guide, because inserting and photographing it gives the technician a better idea of how the ceramic will appear intraorally."

Have you ever been faced with a difficult central case?

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